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a fresh new beginning

I recently did one of the bravest thing (by standards in a rat-race nation) – resigning from my respectable job with a reputable company. I say brave because I didn’t resign with a nicely carved alternative path ahead of me. There wasn’t a better job offer waiting for me (or let’s just say I wasn’t looking for one), neither were there signs of a guaranteed secured income. My friends were worried, my colleagues (ex now) puzzled. But I did it anyway.

Somehow I had a very positive outlook of my life ahead. It suddenly occurred to me that I could do more in life than just holding a respectable job. I could increase my knowledge, dive into new ventures with my newfound time, travel more, do something meaningful, useful, helpful. I could do so much more by just giving up one thing. What’s more important is the new motivations in life that it has given me. I will share as they come along in my new pursuits.

Like how the old saying goes ‘When one door closes, another opens’.

So here I am with this new blogsite that I’ve created. I hope to be able to inspire you with the articles, stories, and thoughts that I will be putting together. Cheers to a new beginning!

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